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HI Kauai Rentals & Real Estate New Rental Property Information Sheet 2021-2024 free printable template

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NEW RENTAL PROPERTY INFORMATION SHEET OWNER(S) Informers Last Name:First Name:Initial: Telephone:Email Address:Owners Last Name:First Name:Initial: Telephone:Email Address:Mailing Address:Hawaii Tax
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HI Kauai Rentals & Real Estate New Rental Property Information Sheet Form Versions

How to fill out rental property information sheet


How to fill out new rental property information

Gather all the necessary documents such as the property deed, rental agreement, and any other legal paperwork.
Start by filling out the basic information about the property, including the address, type of property, and number of units.
Provide details about the rental terms, such as the monthly rent amount, lease duration, and any additional fees or deposits.
Include information about the amenities and utilities available to the tenants, such as parking, laundry facilities, and utilities included in the rent.
Describe the property's condition, including any recent renovations or repairs that have been done.
Provide information about the property management company or individual responsible for overseeing the rental property.
Finally, review the completed form for accuracy and make any necessary corrections before submitting it.

Who needs new rental property information?

Landlords or property owners who are renting out their property to tenants.
Property management companies or individuals who are responsible for managing rental properties.
Tenants who are looking to rent a new property and need information about the available rental options.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing rental property information sheet template

Instructions and Help about rental property information sheet

Hey there Ron here I thought it would be a good idea to take some time to go over this property information sheet which is the heartbeat of our business in the term side of the business this sheet is the paper that collects all the information from the seller when our VH called them or when you call them and then this comes to you, and then you simply have to use our scripts below to fill in this little box right here if you go down below you'll see a link to our million dollar scripts and believe me that's exactly what they are you'll find them short easy to read, and we'll get the seller to a conclusion on your terms my friends the whole purpose of this sheet is to collect the information from the seller I would prefer to let our beings do it but if you're going to do it, or they're going to do it we start here our goal is to get this box filled up and of course our end goal is to get terms out of the sellers mouth that are satisfactory to make us want to now make an appointment and go to the house even an appointment script is in your script below so go get that linking and print out those scripts you'll find them very, very profitable if you use them, and you read them exactly as I wrote them took a long time to create those scripts, and they work, and they work, and they work so let's start with this first wouldn't you need this you'll need this anytime you're doing any kind of potential term deal with any kind of the seller of any kind of single-family houses large or small because without this you have no information you have no idea whether it's a suspect or a prospect or whether it's even worth chasing so let's start at the top here let's say you're the one making these calls which many people do in the beginning until they quickly learn to do this anymore because honestly making the calls and filling these out is going to take a lot of time it's hard to get people on the phone, so I've let the virtual assistants do it if I were you for a very small amount of money but if you're going to do it on the front end people ask me all the time well do you have a script for this well guys and gals this is the script there's no script this is it you go down the line and you fill in the blanks you start to call with let's say let's say you're calling them on an ad or a sign in front of their house I'm calling about the house you have advertised that's it and if you start asking questions if you're calling them back after the VA sent you this then you're going to open it just as I say on the scripts below we'll get the link and print them out you'll see just exactly how to open the conversation, and you don't need to go over this again because you already have this stuff in front of you, so now the conversation is about getting the answers to this not going over all this again so let the VA do their job you'll find your job a lot easier you have to start up here by getting the information about the house about the seller the address of the house...

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